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Edenfield Village Residents Association

Minutes of meeting held  on 16th March, 2016, at 8pm

Present: Mark Welsh; Jennie Law;; Karen Hawkins; John Johnson; Liz Latham; Trevor Latham; David Fisher; Anne Duxbury; Jason Horsfall; Martin Leak; Harvey Brown.

Apologies: Jenny Mead; Melanie Kay; Paul Bradburn; Angela Bradburn; Angela Welsh

Chairman welcomed everyone especially Anne Duxbury, Jason Horsfall, Martin Leak and Harvey Brown who were attending for the first time.

Minutes of the previous were agreed.

Playground on the Recreation Ground

Chairman advised that the development of the playground was still being pursued. EVRA are making enquiries as to the role the Association would have with regard to grant funding.  Paul, David and Mathew are to meet with groups who have had experience of this kind of project to determine risks for the Association in supporting the proposed development.  Paul to give an update at the April meeting.

Action: Paul Bradburn (Paul, David, Mathew)

4. Edenfield in Bloom

To be held until April meeting for an update.

5. Fete

Chairman outlined plans for the 2016 Fete discussed by the Sub Committee.

Uncle Chris (Punch & Judy) & King Bouncelot had been booked. Paul to book the Climbing Wall. Confirmation awaited from Bouncy Castle and Mini Bikes. Event notification had been sent to Rossendale Council and booking of the Mayor is in progress.

Proposal was to run this year’s Fete as a “Party in the Park” with live music and four Bands had been approached. Fees for the various Bands were discussed – some included an allocation of beer! Costs would include hiring of a sound system, generator and staging. A resident of the village had agreed to erect staging but waterproof covering would be purchased at an approximate cost of £100 and then donated to the resident erecting the stage. Costs would need to be confirmed but an estimate of £900 plus bands was given. Jason suggested that his company would look at the costing for the hire of the generator, fencing and any other ancillary costs with the event.

The usual attractions would run as previously. Jennie M to e mail Melanie with charity stalls. Liz to check the availability of the Fairground Organ. Ice Cream lady usually just turned up.

Promotion to be extended where possible – take advice from “Bob” Marley re bands. Prior to booking of bands discussion to be held as to the cost involved if the event is cancelled.

In order to cover to some of the extra cost a proposal was made, and agreed, to increase the entrance fee to £3.00 from £2.00 charged previously.

David would liaise with the Insurance Company regarding the changed programme of events. Jason advised that insurance for hired in equipment should be considered.

Action: David /Fete Sub Committee

6. Cricket Match/Fell Race

Fell Race - Arrangements are in hand. Discuss at next meeting.

Cricket Match – Mark is currently recruiting a team arrangements are in hand.

7. Treasurer’s Report

No change since the last meeting.

8. New Secretary

No response from Free Press. Continue local advertising. Karen will take Minutes for April and May meetings.

Action:  Karen

9. Move from Methodist Church

Chairman thanked everyone who helped, in any way, moving the equipment from the Church to the new storage area at Bleakholt. Thanks to Trevor for arranging the new storage area. Thanks also to Ben for the hire of the van. Chairman to write a letter of thanks to Ben.

Action: Chairman

10. Any Other Business

Methodist Church: An enquiry was made as to the plans for the Methodist Church. Confirmation was given that the Church was currently for sale but nothing further was known by the Association. It was thought that Anne Cheetham would be a useful contact. EVRA are usually informed of any plans submitted regarding the village.

Land between Elm Street and Plunge: A query was raised regarding a proposal to release green belt land to brown belt and how this would affect the land in question. Concern was expressed in relation to flooding, access, etc. It was agreed that the item be placed on the next Agenda for further discussion. In the meantime Chairman would speak to Anne to see if more information could be gained.

It was confirmed that EVRA are notified of all planning matters affecting the Village and, where thought appropriate, challenges could be made which have, in the past, received some success.

Scout Moor: Chairman outlined the general situation regarding this and confirmed that the number of turbines had been reduced from 26 to 16 and approved by Rossendale Council.  The matter has now been called in by the Government who will ultimately make the decision later this year.

Gincroft Lane: A BT Engineer had been called to the area due to slack cabling which was considered to be a risk. The matter has now been resolved. Chairman thanked John for his vigilance in this matter.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 20th April, 2016.

EVRA Minutes February 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Edenfield Village Residents Association

Minutes of meeting held  on 17th February, 2016, at 8pm

Present: Paul Bradburn;  Jennie Law; Angela Bradburn; Karen Hawkins; Jenny Mead; Matthew Mead; Barbara Lord; John Johnson; Barry Pitt; Melanie Kay; Mark Welsh; Liz Latham; Trevor Latham; Angela Welsh; Anne Moloney; Anne Cheetham; Ben Haworth; Chris Seeley; David Fisher.

In attendance: Inspector Steve Rides, Lancashire Police; Stella Wint (Langley House Trust);Helen Morris (Langley House Trust)

1. Chairman welcomed and introduced Inspector Steve Rides, i/c of Police in Rossendale and parts of Lancashire; Helen Morris, Manager, Chatterton Hey and Stella Wint, Care Manager, Langley House Trust who were invited to discuss the procedures in relation to Chatterton Hey. Chairman stressed that, due to legal ramifications, individual cases could not be discussed.

2. Chatterton Hey

Referrals are via Social Services Departments, Probation, Prison authorities and Mental Health units. Criteria would be 18+ males where it was felt that a placement would be preferable to trial/prison, this could be following a community sentence or where the applicant is nearing the end of a prison sentence and could include clients with mental health issues. Each case is individually assessed regarding risk and suitability. This is a complicated process involving a wide variety of people. Chatterton Hey stated that some people come with certain conditions and, if house rules are broached the client can be sent home, an example of this would be breaking the curfew. It was stated that Chatterton Hey react very quickly in the event of any breaches.

Chairman referred back to previous meetings held with Langley House Trust, Police, Council officers and Dr. Illsley (Methodist Minister), following rumours regarding paedophiles and sex offenders which were of concern to the village. Inspector Rides assured meeting that no-one with that background would be admitted in any circumstance.

Where the applicant is under the category of MAPPA, the suitability of placement would be decided by a large committee, prior to admittance, involving the local Probation and Police Service. Anyone under a Probation Order would have Probation Service control and engagement. Anyone not under licence would be asked to agree to applicable terms. Clients can be referred from outside the system if they are seen to require additional needs.

Regarding procedures for entering and leaving the premises Chatterton Hey advised that, as they are not a high secure unit, restrictions cannot be placed on people who are not under licence. No specific training is given to deal with aggressive or violent behaviour the risk must be considered manageable under the admission process. Chatterton Hey confirmed that the level of supervision would be according to client need. If a client on licence fails to return they can be recalled back to prison.  If not under supervision they would be encouraged to return and, in the event of a refusal, they would be reported  as a missing person. Residents sign in and out when they leave and give an estimated time of return and, if delayed, they should phone in. CCTV monitors are present. The Police confirmed that random testing and room searches are carried out for drugs, alcohol, etc.  There can be long term users who are vulnerable and who have additional needs.

Chatterton Hey confirmed there is double cover at all times with staffing dependent upon the mix of clients and their level of needs. There is a Manager on site every day along with Management Teams on call. Inspector Rides was confident in the Management and advised that, in 3 / 4 years, they had been called in 33 times, once from a member of the public and the remainder by Chatterton Hey themselves. The Police have visited a number of times, since October, approximately once per month and it is their view the Unit is well run. Neighbourhood Officers  attend regularly. Two new Neighbourhood Officers had been appointed Estelle James and Phil Tyreme.

Discussion took place regarding the relationship breakdown between Chatterton Hey and some villagers present stating their feelings of being at risk from service users. The negative perception of Chatterton Hey, presently, was acknowledged and the worries of the Village understood, however, it was stressed that the clients are being rehabilitated and any issues are raised and dealt with.

Inspector Rides advised that, in the event of any concerns, the Police should be notified on 101. The website can be consulted for CBN. Helen, Chatterton Hey, will accept calls (01706 824554) or meet people one to one and is anxious to build a better relationship with the community without being secretive.

Inspector Rides stated that the facility was in the Village and this would not change therefore it was necessary to work with the Unit. Since the recent incident meetings have been held with the relevant agencies regarding the way forward to ensure there is no repeat. Other incidents have happened in the Village, unrelated to the Unit, and nothing can be done to prevent this.

Maximum numbers are 14 dependent on mix of clients and there were no plans to increase this. People are housed as close to their local area as possible but, sometimes, this is not possible and they can come from anywhere in the North.

There is the possibility of an open day but no date has been fixed as yet.

Chairman thanked Inspector Rides, Helen and Stella for attending prior to their departure.

The meeting continued…

3. Apologies: Darryl Smith; Barbara Marriott; Graham Elkes.

4. Minutes of the January meeting were agreed.

5. Playground on Recreation Field

Following on from previous discussions, and the unease of the Association “fronting” the grant applications, Paul had spoken to Rachel, Proffits. Discussion ensued and it was agreed that Paul would contact other organisations who had undertaken similar ventures such as Snig Hole (Barbara to provide contact details): Worsley Park at Rising Bridge: Sharneyford at Bacup to discuss the pro’s and con’s. Whilst acknowledging that, in theory, it was a good idea concern was felt regarding EVRA’s liability, complication of application forms, drainage and water retention in the ground. It was agreed to tread carefully and Chairman would speak to other organisations. David Fisher and Matthew Mead agreed to accompany Paul in the event of any outside meetings.

Action: Barbara, Paul, David, Mathew

6. Edenfield in Bloom

The Horticultural Society requested names/details of the people who had taken part in Edenfield in Bloom who may be interested in opening up their gardens for the Garden Trail to be held in June/July. Personal details held by the Association could not be passed on but Barry agreed to look through and liaise with Anne. The Horticultural Society will be holding a plant sale at the Community Centre on 21st May, 2016, at 8am to 3pm.

Action: Barry/Anne

8. Fete

Discussion ensued regarding a different shape event to include music played by various groups. “Bob Marley” who is known for this type of event was to look into the possibility. A picnic area could be provided to attract more people. Increased seating was necessary.

It would be a celebration of the Queen’s birthday with local bands, Schools, etc. The feasibility of this was to be further considered and Melanie was to contact “Bob” to move the matter forward for the next meeting. Committee agreed that the Sub Committee should pursue the possibilities. The event would, as usual, have the Cream Teas, BBQ, Bucking Bronco, Bouncelot, Climbing Wall, Cake Comp, Bouncy Castle, etc. Melanie to contact the “owls” – Jenny M to provide details. Jenny to contact stallholders and give list to Melanie. Tug of War could be a consideration. Paul to contact Mayor.

Action: Melanie/Jenny M/Paul

Fete Sub Committee meeting Wednesday, 24th February, 8pm, Rostrons Arms.

Fell Race – 5th June, 2016

In future, before dates are agreed the Cricket Club should be contacted. David advised that he would not be available and a replacement should be sought. 10.30am start Cricket Club open from 9am.

Cricket Match

Mark to arrange the Team. Anne to approach Rev Andy Lindop to join the Team.

Action: Mark/Anne

9. Search for new Secretary

This continues. Editorial would appear shortly in Free Press. Karen agreed to take the Minutes for April and May meetings.

Action Paul/Karen

10. Move from Methodist Church

All items stored must be moved before 6th March to new site at Bleakholt. Removal to take place on 27th February, assemble 9.30am. Volunteers: Liz/Barbara/Ben/Ian/Mark/Trevor/Anne/John. Ben to provide Van. Melanie to ask Richard to remove dais.

Action: Liz/Barbara/Ben/Ian/Mark/Trevor/Anne/John/Melanie

11. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer reported an overall drop of £10.00 from the previous report.

12. Any Other Business

Jenny advised that the Cricket Club are looking for accommodation, four months commencing April, for an overseas amateur Cricketer from Zimbabwe. Anyone interested should contact the Cricket Club.

Carols round the tree would be on 23rd December, 2016, Barbara to book band.

Action: Barbara

Tarmac - Anne advised that the area recently resurfaced in November, in the Burnley area of the Village, was to be redone as it had proved unsatisfactory.

Windfarm - Chairman updated meeting on the situation regarding the windfarm application. United Utilities have withdrawn and the matter is being pursued by Peel Holiding. A public enquiry was to be held in October, Rossendale Council to arrange venue. Rossendale Council have approved the plan.

Anyone wishing to write in favour or to object should do so as appropriate. For those wishing to object a sample response was provided by the Chairman.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm. Date of next meeting 16th March, 2016, at 8pm.

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In attendance:- Paul Bradburn, Anne Cheetham, David Fisher, John Johnson, Melanie Kay, Liz Latham, Trevor Latham, Jenny Mead, Matthew Mead, Barry Pitt, Kath Shaughnessy and Angela Welsh.

1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished them all a happy new year.

2. Apologies for absence were received from:- Darryl Smith, Ben Haworth, Jennie Law, Angela Bradburn, Mark Welsh, Karren Hawking and Graham Elkes.

3. The minutes of the previous meeting (19 th Nov. 2015) were approved.

4. Matters arising from the previous minutes (i) mosaics in the Remembrance garden – R.B.C. were going to review this matter in the Spring (ii) the poor condition of the wall at the roundabout on Rochdale Road would again be reported to L.C.C.

5. November/December events:- 1. The Seniors’ Concert – in view of the fact that the Methodist schoolroom was not now available (due to the closure of the Church), the committee were to decide on a different venue and format for this event. 2. Carols round the tree – about 120 people had attended this event and the ‘bucket’ collection amounted to £100.94. The cost of the band was £100 and misc. costs were £79. 3. Lancashire Night – again a very successful event. Seventy-two tickets were sold and a profit of £314 was attained after expenses were deducted. It was pointed out that the quiz, although very good, should be shortened at a future event.

6. Chatterton Hey – an incident had taken place in December in which two Edenfield residents were attacked, both requiring hospital treatment. It was thought that a resident from the home was responsible for this attack and that he was due to appear in court on 3 rd May. The Police Inspector for the Rossendale Division was to attend the next E.V.R.A. meeting, so too the Manager of Chatterton Hey.

7. Plans for a new playground on the recreation ground – the Chairman had received a sample copy (from Proffitts’) of a funding application to Virador – certain reservations were expressed as to the legal implications for E.V.R.A if we put our name to the application. Paul would speak to Rachel Gildert from Proffitts’ with regard to this matter.

8. Edenfield in Bloom – certificates were to be drafted by Melanie and printed commercially. The names of the winners would be inserted by hand. Application for funding was to be made to L.C.C.

9. Fete 2016 – Sat. 11 th June, which is also the Queen’s 90 th birthday. Discussion on whether to have a ‘main’ event followed and it was thought it would be more suitable to have smaller events, games and competitions. A sub-committee was set up which consisted of Paul, Angela W, Melanie, Kath, David and John – they would hold their first meeting in the Rostron Arms on Wed. 27 th Jan. at 8.00p.m.

10. Search for a new secretary for E.V.R.A. –no-one had come forward for this position, but it was noted that J.M. had done the minutes from September-January and that J.L. had offered to do them for February and March.

11. Treasurer’s report - £4,371.80 in bank with £429.91 cash in hand. A letter had been received from Rossendale Mountain Rescue thanking us for our donation of £250.

12. Any other business – a letter had been received from Edenfield Methodist Church informing E.V.R.A. of their imminent closure and requesting removal of their equipment which was stored there. Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary had offered use of a barn with racking in which we could store this equipment. The application by Peel Holdings for an extension to the Scout Moor wind farm had been ‘called in’ by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

13. Date of next meeting – Wed. 17 th February, 2016 at 8.00p.m. at E.C.C.

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Apologies for the format of these minutes. Technical difficulties!

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